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ADF are completely aquatic. They do not need any land areas. They will perch on something high up and stick their little heads out of the water or float at the top. Mine really seem to like to hang out in the floating plants in their tank.

I haven't ever tried to touch my ADF. I understand that they are pretty sensitive and absorb everything through the skin, so I really wouldn't want to chance it.

I have heard that they can escape the tank, but I have not experienced this myself. I have always kept them with apple snails though, so I generally leave 1-2 inches at the top of the tank with no water. (The snails need to crawl up the glass out of the water from time to time and will lay their eggs there.) I do keep a lid on the aquarium, but there is certainly enough of a gap for one to get out if he wanted to do so. I have not ever had a frog escape.

I have had a snail escape. I found him a good three feet from the tank on the bar. I suspect the cat may have helped him. I just plopped him back into the tank and he was fine.

I've never kept newts, so I can't say anything about those.

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