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I got a handful of LEDs w/ 60 degree lenses from [Ebay Link Removed] Trying to get a setup over my 75 gallon planted.

Looking at driver options now. Looking at something around 6-8 LEDs per side of the tank for 12-16 total. I've currently got a 4x55 AHS CF setup.

Bought 10 cool white, 10 warm white. Attempt to get some better CRI this way.

Working on driver options now, I have access to some old computer power supplies, so a buck puck or a meanwell or something. One meanwell could handle a few in a series / parallel grid vs. individual drivers which would be a wiring mess.

Steve's LEDs have some 4 channel drivers that should handle 2 LEDs per channel (24V channels, 2x12V drivers).

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Wide lenses to bring the spread in a little would help but iv been unsuccesful in finding a lense to suit my aplication tho

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