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So I haven't done anything with this tank in 7 days ever since momma ghost shrimp died... It was looking pretty ugly with some tufts of algae and dead plant matter that I'd just haphazardly tossed in there too (I took out the Java Moss and put it in my 10G)

I was about to do a 90% water change and clean the substrate up, etc in preparation for some new plants I received and eventually some RCS that HighDesert is going to send me, when I noticed there was something floating in the water column....

Check it out? I'm pretty sure that's a baby ghost shrimp, right? If so, it is a real bright light on an otherwise terrible day (my son is in the hospital... ended up not being too serious, thankfully). There are at least two, maybe three, of these in the tank that I spotted - they dart away if I move my tweezers near to them.

Is it possible the shrimp released some eggs that survived when she died?

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