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I have a few questions.
I Was thinking of getting those newt things (Black and orangeish), or maybe african dwarfs, but im a bit worried. If they manage to escape my mother *WILL* Kill me. Guaranteed she'll make me take down all of my tanks.
Are these africans escape artists? Do i need a secure top o_0? cause i have a broken door on one of the glass tops that it can get out of, plus the backs arent secure.
Also, do they require somewhere above land to chill at? Or are they alright with just water and the long leaves and stuff i have that reach the top of the tank and float on the top?
#1 concern would be of them getting away somehow. Honestly, i was never a fan of reptiles and snakes. They creep me out. I Used to collect frogs and turtles in buckets out of a stream in my old yard, though. So long as those dont touch me im alright. Dont think id be able to grab a normal frog.. but, i seem to be alright when they are IN THE WATER :P.. For example, when fishing i get iffy about touching my catch unless i have a towel or something, but i have no problem touching the fish in my tank as well as the snails and stuff.. doesnt bug me. Hell, ill stick my hand in my fish tank and then lick my hand Haha. Only thing i wouldnt get is an eel :Z

So, would they work for me or is it a no-go?

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