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Wow its been a while since I last posted pics. Nothing new, really. I no longer have any Praecox rainbows, they are just such a week fish from the mass breeders I have a hard time getting them to live longer than a year. I have given up on them until I get the 40b setup, then I might find someone with a pure strain of Pagai Praecox and give them a go. My Herbertaxelrodi are having fun in the tank, they are the largest fish and are not afraid to show it. The tons of tiny endlers are still multiplying like crazy. I have given up on trying to control the population, and plan to give every last one of them to Aqua imports when I go to setup my 40B, which will be a mainly rainbow setup. I sourced the rainbows I plan for that tank if anyone wanted to see the journal I have setup for it, it is in my sig.

Here is a few pics. (please ignore the little BBA I have lol, its being stubborn.)

My sub-dominant Male Herbertaxelrodi in his breeding colors

My Dominant male, his back is much higher than the sub male. they all get along great.

I have yet to make it to the tank to catch any eggs. the endlers are like little sharks! one of these days I will put a spawn mop in the tank and see if I can get some nice babies out of em. They seem to be a decent strain bred by someone local (given as credit to one of the LFS's)
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