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Coming up on three weeks flooded, so here's another photo.

Not much has changed really, although I trimmed the taller bits of HC a bit shortly after taking the last photo--it's grown back pretty quickly however and you'd never know looking at the tank today. Some of the original blyxa leaves melted and are being replaced with new growth that's shorter and brighter green. I've never grown this plant before, so I'm not sure if this means it's happy or sad.

My emersed fissidens experiment worked better then I could have hoped, and a couple of my stones are now covered in fuzz.

I took this immediately after lights-on, so the drop checker is still a little dark and the fish are a little light. Both improve as the day goes on, but I'm thinking I should start the CO2 a bit earlier (it's currently turning on an hour before the lights).

I've started to notice some green dust-type algae on the upper branches of driftwood, just under the surface. It improves the look of the wood IMO, but I'll be shocked if it doesn't try and spread. I'm going to move a dozen or so cherry shrimp from my home tank when I have a chance--they should enjoy some fresh greens and some more red will look good with the scape.

So far, I think my biggest lesson from this tank is with planting HC. While it seems awesome to get enough to cover most of the substrate from the beginning, it's actually a bad idea. Areas where I had planted densely from the start had nowhere to spread out, and started to grow up (and float up). Zones that started out more sparsely have begun to spread nicely and are doing much better. Even though it's only been three weeks, I'm impressed with the growth speed of the HC under this light. I was expecting it to struggle or not grow at all, but it seems to be doing fairly well.

It's been a lot of fun so far having this in the office, especially since there's a window and the tank can be seen from the hall. It's a good conversation piece and I've had a chance to chat with a lot of the random people I see every day but have never actually talked to.

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