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Originally Posted by Clint View Post
After a year or so of use I'm finally having a problem with my HW-302. The impeller is rattling so loud i have to wrap the filter with blankets to muffle the noise. I believe the problem is with the cap holding the impeller in place, it only has two tabs that lock down allowing the whole cap to tilt to one side or the other as you tighten it down. My o-ring has a crease in it now and i cant get it to set flat. So far I'm not having any luck finding a replacement cap, o-ring, and impeller. I'll have to e-mail a few people on e-bay that sell the filters and see if i can get parts from one of them.
Let me get home later tonight and i can direct you to at least a couple places that service the parts for these filters. Easy to get and pretty inexpensive.

A years wear and tear on a filter isn't a big deal. Something I'd expect. Especially for the price. I would say a great buy. I've seen filters that cost more with plenty more issues.

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