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Ok, it took me all freaking day, but I have redone the 10gal. It all went pretty much without a hitch, but I think it took me so long because lots of little things popped up. Like, I didn't realize how long it would actually take me to net everything! And I have a bunch of assassins and assassin babies that I wanted to save as many as possible, so I was picking through for them. But all in all it went well!

Here's my helper Emily. She watched them for probably half an hour!

I boiled my driftwood for hours trying to get rid of tannins, algae and pest snails. I then dried it in the sun and then scraped off the algae I could. But hopefully whatever I couldn't get is dead.

My son set up his Ninjao to supervise

My boys learning to take water samples (ignore the pjs and bedhead!)

It took me forever to scrape off the old algae from the glass. Nothing was working, until I pulled out a really old sponge cleaner thing I had buried in my tank gear. And then I forgot I needed to rinse the fluorite and gravel. But got it all done in the end. And I put the old sand substrate under my raspberry bushes. Maybe some extra sweet raspberries next year?

I almost only used the black flourite as substrate. It was pretty striking

But then I thought with the black background it would all be too dark. I like bright tanks, so I used the gravel I bought to cap the fluorite. I could've used another 1/2 bag, but its fine. And I put the driftwood back in. Very happy with how it looks!

And here she is all filled up and planted. I'm not 100% happy with this. The plants behind the driftwood should grow taller which is what I want. Not sure if I should move the bacopa to the left side of the driftwood? You also can't really see the anubias, but I just stuck them where there was a gap in the driftwood. And I didn't know where to put the little river stones. I could just take them out, but they do have a little algae on them that my shrimp and oto's have been eating.

But its still amazing to see the difference between the sad, yellow, barren tank, this one seems so bright and colourful already! And I'm loving my oto's (although I one didn't make it last night ). So well worth a full days work (and my permanently pruny hands). And my boys liked they got free rein on the computer and Wii today!

Constructive criticism is welcome!! Please!!

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