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I use to own and bred bearded dragons, 2 boas, 1 rhino iguana and a savannah monitor. Ended up moving to Italy and could not import them there. Everyone but the dragons went to my trusted local pet store. The dragons went to a friend in Florida.

Also had a two headed bearded dragon hatch but only lived for 4 days. I couldn't get it to eat

All but 2 bearded dragons died He thought keeping them in natural sunlight is good for them. FORGOT that black plastic bins absorb lots of heat and poof.

I did not name them!

Miss Fiona RIP VERY Proud of this one.

Mr Joose, not sure what happen to him. Last I heard he had a parasite and he wouldn't take to a vet.

This big head is Ghost Face Killa RIP

Little Miss Sick Girl, She was sickly for 6 months couldn't get her to eat or anything then things turned around!

Boa#1 I tend not to name my pets lol


Bob the Savannah!

Rhino Iguana

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