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Originally Posted by jellie View Post
I want to bring in samples of things like mini critters, like planaria, hydra, seed shrimp, copepods, scuds... and different algaes, like hair algae, cladophora, anything else I can bottle up and bring.

So this wishlist is going to be a little bit gross but if you have them and are willing, could you catch some and bring to the BAS Auction? I'm looking for:

Big Planarias
Big Hydras
Pond/Bladder snails
Malaysian trumpet snails
Assassin snail
Any other little critters that are visible via magnifying glass
(I already have seed shrimp, blackworms, and ramshorns, and Albert may hook me up with scuds)

And greens for them to manhandle:
Something covered in BBA or other fuzzy algaes
Cladophora clump
Staghorn algae
Green spot algae on a leaf or rock
Java moss
Anyone have a moss ball that I could borrow and return? Kids love moss balls... I promise to replace it if it gets torn apart.
And anything else that you think a 5-yr-old would find epic...
(I already have a big clump of hair algae heehee)
Hi Jellie, I have assassins, mts and pond snails, plus a few kinds of little ramshorns, probably several kinds of algae and I might have a mossball hiding in a tank somewhere too.

I've decided to take off work because I was feeling left out, so I'm down for full festivities next Friday.
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