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@Somecanuck. The whole Fluval hosing is just a pain in the @$$. I have done my fair share of research on this and i can guarantee you that this method i am about to show will work. No hosing incompatibility issues. But of course there are other methods of doing so, i just find this method work well for me.

Just FYI the 105 and 205 uses the same sizes of hosing.

1) the Fluval 205 filter ribbon hosing is a 1/2 (13mm) in size (Inner circle)
2) the Rubber piece on the end of 205 ribbon is 5/8". The thing that fits over the in/out take of the filter

Therefor the flow rate is designed for a 1/2" hose, but the 5/8 is just for connection sake.

After some testing, i can say that you can fit a 1/2" hose in to the canister in and out put. It is a tight fit but yes you can put a 1/2" hose in to the canister after dipping the hose into warm water.
Yes, I will be replacing the hosing with some clear hosing from home depot.

Since the stock hosing has a inner diameter of 1/2" i feel safe using a 1/2" hose to replace it.

My set up. Fluval 205 -> 1/2" hose ->Hydor ETH 200 inline heater (1/2" fitting) -> 1/2" hose -> Lily Pipe Outflow (13mm) -> ADA 10 gallon tank (45x30x27) -> Lily pipe inflow (13mm) -> 1/2" hose ->back to Fluval 205

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