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I once had a python who was an escape artist. He wasn't mine, exactly--he belonged to a roommate, but we all took care of him. He was an enormous snake--I could barely hold him up when he was wrapped around my shoulders and waist. I can't even hazard a guess as to how much he weighed.

One day we're all chillin' in the living room, watching tv, drinking beers like college kids do, and we hear *thumpTHUMPthumpitythumpTHUMP*.

Turns out Corona had escaped from his giant tank and decided to go for a slither. Somehow, in a very ungraceful and unsnakelike manner, he managed to fall down the stairs.

On another occasion we found him wrapped up in a huge fake tree that resided in the living room.

There was a baby albino python in the house, too. I used to wear him to lecture on warm days. He liked being a bracelet and a hair accessory the most.
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