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I rescaped a bit today, moved some Egeria Densa from the 29G tank into this one as well as the little foreground plant, which I'm not sure what it is yet. I also tied my java moss down to the driftwood and arranged it a little bit differently. Overall, I think the tank looks much nicer now =)

Also, after scaping, I saw my anubias pearling! Really tiny bubbles coming off it, but consistent and regular for about 20 minutes straight

I have a 6500K13w CFL and a 5000K in the hood. I'm going to try and pick up another 6500K bulb to replace the 5000K sometime soon. It has to be micro/mini CFL, regular CFL bulbs just don't fit nicely.

What is this?

Here it is with the rest of my desk now:
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