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Originally Posted by MCHRKiller View Post
No idea personally...sure they are clear and rimless but just not worth the price IMO. Especially with so many great cell cast acrylic tank builders floating around.
Some people don't like acrylic. It scratches easy among other things.

Originally Posted by Neatfish View Post
I was just wondering what is so special about ADA tanks?
Part of it is the name brand you are paying for. The other is the little things. Look at your video you posted and look at the silicone. It's perfect. It's not almost perfect, its not a thick link on either side of the glass like any mass produced tank. The glass is clear. It's perfect glass. It's not glass mass produced tanks buy when the manufacture says it's 85% defect free, and they say good enough. This is like 99% defect free. It's perfect. The cuts on the glass aren't close or almost flush or mostly smooth. They are exact, they are flush, they are smooth and not rough.

Once you do a few tank, it's not rocket science to cut and glue 5 pieces of glass together and even easier to make a machine do it and most for most people, that's good enough but to take it to the level of doing one perfect, is something else.

FYI, I don't have a ADA tank, not would I probably buy one because that's not my personality type, to care about those things, and to me a $100 tank or $20 tank is the same to breed some cherry shrimp in, but seeing some in person, I can appreciate the work and craftsmanship and if I had a perfectly planted showroom tank in my sitting room, I would get one. They are nice looking. Instead I'll still with petstore 10 and 20 gal's stacked in my bedroom. lol.

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