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Originally Posted by seachaz View Post
What are folks using for micro/macro lenses on their Nikon setups? I'm pretty new with the aquarium thing and haven't been much into macro photography but I'm finding my current equipment isn't the best getting close to my fauna which is 1.5" or smaller. Anyone using extension tubes?

PS - Can I still join the pimp club?

D300S, D200 (dead), D70
70-200 f/2.8 VRI
16-85 f/3.5-5.6 VR
12-24 f/4 (tokina)
50 f/1.8
Sure! You can be #079!

Originally Posted by Adri. View Post
Ohh hello, why did I not check out this thread sooner?

My mom bought a Nikon D50 a while back and stopped using it after a while. I realized it was great for taking pictures of my foster dogs...Well, now I'm hooked This photography thing is addicting.

Educate me...why is it that cannon sucks?
Bear with me here, I'm just a beginner! Still learning how to use this thing...I've only recently started figuring out how to properly use the exposure triangle! But now that I've got it, I love shooting in manual mode
Welcome, you can be #080!
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