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Originally Posted by le0p View Post
Oh, there's a lid, I just took it off for the picture since I don't have time to replace the crappy DIY I put on there.

I've got one amazing ACF escape story.. Oh night, my dog got out of bed and started sniffing madly. I couldn't get him to come back so I got up and there he was.. a little acf gone on adventure. Just as we get him back in the tank, we noticed his brother was hopping around the living room.

We were lucky, they both survived and thrived but luckily we haven't problems again.
Oh man. I figured you had a lid! Yeah these guys love to get out. My albino ACF some how got through a less than 1/2 inch gap in my glass lid (I've since covered it with tape). I tore my tank apart looking for the little guy and I found him under my lazy boy looking all sad.

He took a good 4 foot fall and is doing just fine, these are truly the cockroaches of the amphibian world lol..
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