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Originally Posted by MrBrongher View Post
I've considered bringing a flask to aquarium meetings but two things always hold me up.

1 - I don't want to go on a drunken shopping spree.

2 - I don't want to go down in any aquarium club annals as the only guy to ever be ejected for drunken hooliganism.
well at least you won't be the guy snoring in the front row...

I love the auctions they're alot of fun and usually end late, but that's when you can get some great deals. Someone is bringing me 2 whiptail cats, can't wait. I have what I think is one famale red hump eartheater, the other 4 weren't fast enough and got caught for an auction in the spring, and 3 ABN's or if anyone wants to trade for plants I'll trade an ABN or the other one.
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