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I have a yearly water quality report from the city so I can see a lot of data but not a bunch there is a good amount of fluctuation from what I can see. TDS is not one of there listed readings but id imagine there is a good amount looking at the list of minerals present. I'm told the water here is perfect for Cichlids by many and that thats pretty much all people out here keep. I just did a WC yesterday so maybe my KH is a low reading I'll test again at the end of the week as well as GH.

I'm going to keep the nitrates up and see how that goes before I figure out if CO2 is really necessary to keep the algae at bay.

As far as the phoslock goes I only used it because of the initial green water blooms as a test to see how the tank would react to lower P levels.

I'm starting to feel If I reduce the photo period and keep N levels up as well as introduce some more plants I can combat this.

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