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STAGE 3 Flood


So i couldn't wait anymore and i decided to flood my tank today. I opened the window this morning and saw super long roots and said to myself "it's time" LOL.
Furthermore my aqua-magic Diffuser arrived in the mail too.

Well before I started the flooding process i decided to get my DIY Co2 setup first. With prior experience i found that it takes about 2 hours before enough pressure is created for diffusion. Because this tank is going to be fishless for a bit i decided to double to ingredient to in my DIY mixture. I want to give my HC as much Co2 as possible to adapt from emerged to submerge.

My DIY solution contains.
-4 cups of sugar
-2 teaspoon of active yeast

Here is a comparison photo of day 1 to day 30 of my HC growth. WOW

You might wonder why i have paper towels and a plastic bag in the tank. This is a good method to reduce uprooting and movement of substright when filling a tank. The paper towel/bag reduces the impact of water flow.

ALL filled up !! time to set up my filtration system. 78 degrees and max water flow!

Well guys, Thanks for following my Journal on my ADA tank. It was my pleasure to build this Journal. My updates will be less often now. Maybe once every two weeks to show the growth and transition of the HC. Also don't forget i will be adding in some neon tetras in about a month. If you have any questions, comments, maybe pictures of your tank, suggestions feel free to leave a post. I love posts!!!

I will leave you guys off with a few pictures of my tank.

My DYI moon light system

Hey Guys! it's been a while since i posted an update. Today i decided that it's time to trim the HC. It's been growing very very well and had no melting issues.

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