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Hi! I have another update for you !!!
Today my Lily Pipes came. I ordered them from Ebay, from a vendor named "aquamagic"
For 35$ i got both the intake and the out take. And i have to say i am super happy with the product.
It is made of good quality glass, and it's thick.

Here are some more pictures of the Growth rate. It's been 21 days since i planted these. I am thinking of giving it another 2 weeks before flooding.

Root growth! WOW the micro sword roots are long !!


Hey all.

Today i decided to do a DIY moonlight for my tank. It's a super budget one, costed $5 and a can of pop. It doesn't look like the MarineLand brand ones. But can't complain for $5

Blue Led from Ebay. $3

Yes i am using a can of pop as reflectors!!!

Found some random metallic grate in the house. Meh why not? looks kinda cool


Here is a quick photo update of my Carpet. As you can see some of my leaves are changing color. I have no idea why, maybe my room is too cold. If you have an idea why please leave a post


My plan is to flood the tank this Sunday. So stay tune to stage 3 of the journal.

After learning from a friend that micoswords might spread and invade the HC, i decided to be proactive and put in some DIY dividers.
Not really even DIY, more like Cut it yourself. In the photos below i am using the plastic cups from store bought aquatic plants.

And here is probably the last update during the DSM. We will see. After doing some research i have came to the conclusion that my DSM is too moist!! and that is why my leaves are turning brown. YEA i know right!!! too moist for an aquatic plant. I decided to unseal one corner of the seran wrap.

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