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Wink Ada Iwagumi Tank And Steps --Photo Heavy--

Hey Guys,

I am working on an new Iwagumie Style tank with HC and Micro swords. Previously I have had great success planting HC using the Dry start method, i will also be doing the same for this tank.

This Log will be separated into 3 stages.
Stage 1- Pre planting
Stage 2- Dry start
Stage 3- Flooding

In the first few weeks i will be updating this log regular so you guys can see the growth process of the plants. Enjoy!

Stage 1 - Pre Planting
** Interesting fact** Did you know that HC is a "Steam plant", therefor you can just trim the HC and replant the trimmings.
That is exactly what i did here. Since i already have a well established HC tank i trimmed and replanted the HC for my new ADA tank.
The reason why i am planting the HC prior to my new tank is so i can get a good root system established while i am collection my supplies for the future tank.

This is a super simple method to expanding your collection of HC. and here is my secret.....
DON"T over think it. All i did was fill a small basket with regular garden soil and threw the trimmings on top. (no planting required)
The Key is to keep the soil moist, to a point where the water level is about 0.5cm over the soil level. Also covering the top of the basket with saran wrap.
Covering the top will stabilize the necessary humidity for the HC to survive. One more impotent thing DO NOT PUT IN DIRECT SUN LIGHT. I can guarantee if you do your HC will die. I would suggest indirect sunlight for at least 8 hours a day.

~i will also be selling HC in the Calgary Location in about 2 months. PM me if you are interested


Time to gather my Supplies
-ADA Cube Garden -$110
-ADA Amazonia Aquarium Soil -$50
-Sun Blaster T5ho Light -$30
-Fluval 205 Canister Filer - $80

For you guys out there looking for a cheap light fixture i would highly recommend the Sun Blaster T5 lights. This light fixture is designed for greenhouse use, but you can still use if for your aquarium.
Specs- T5ho 24w, Lumen 2232, Length 24", 6400k
I can't complain for $30

There are the Sunblaster Lights

ADA Cube Garden- Dimensions: 45cm X 27cm X 30cm (just a little over 10 gallons)

Fluval 205 (for later use)

ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil

One month later i decided that it is time to start up my new tank. As you can see in the picture below the HC has grown quite a bit. The leaves are extremely green and they look very ready for planting.
Prior to planting these i uprooted the HC and rinsed them in a bucket of water. (to get the soil off). I then clumped them in to small clumps for planting.

Expanding my population of HC

Here comes the fun stuff. The Landscaping!
I later did change up the landscape by a bit afterwards, but i was too lazy to take more pictures. haha!
In the front i have about 2.5" of soil and at the back it's up to 5" tall.

After a few days of rocks play i have finally perfected my scaping. (well how i like it)
This is the where stage 2 begins. Weekly posts will be made for you guys to see the HC and micro swords growth progression.

Stage 2 - Dry Start
As you can see in the pictures below i planted the HC in about 90% of the tank and 10% of Microswords in the back.
...and yes i did use the whole basket of HC.

First i poured enough water in the tank to flood the lowest point.
then i started planting.

At this point i will keep the tank waterless for about 1 month. Since my tank is in a dry state i will not have any Co2 issues as well as Algae problems.
I have my light on a timer for 13 hours per day to promote growth. Once again if you are doing the dry start method you need saran wrap on top of your tank.
I will be misting my tank once every 4 days and lifting the saran wrap each day for air exchange.






As you can see in the photos above the HC is starting to connect to each other. I am super excited since it's growing way faster then i anticipated. I am Planning on giving it a few more weeks before starting stage 3. (adding water)

Today i also also went to a Planted Aquarium seminar hosted at Pisces. It was awesome and very informative. The best part of the seminar was that it was very ADA focused.
The host of the show went in to great details using ADA products. We also got some cool ADA gift bags and Pisces coupons. "We are not doing a fish tank here. We are doing a planted aquarium. The fishes are additions to the PLANTED tank ~Norm"

After the seminar i went on Ebay and bought a few new items for stage 3 of the tank.
1) A set of 13 mm lily pipes
2) A Hydor ETH 200 inline heater
3) Moonlight Led
4) Glass Drop Checker
5) Rhinox 1000 Diffuser
~ i will post some pictures of these products when they arrive in the mail ~

YAY! I get a chance to play with my camera. (Sony Nex 5n)

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