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Originally Posted by Curt_914 View Post
This is going to be my first time in the relm of dirt in my tank. What I am doing is placeing about 6-8 quarts of a miricle grow organic potting soil and 2-4 quarts of spagnaum moss, mixed of course, under a cap of Eco from an established tank.

it is just under where I am going to be growing my crypts. What all do I need to do other then remove large chunks to prepare the dirt. Any help is appericated.

Using MGOP you already have Humic acid in the substrate, so no need for Peat. If your thinking Peat to acidify, you can't really get enough in the substrate to accomplish that.

It's offer that you will increase your success rate with a sand cap. Which kind is up to you they all work, some need more rinsing some don't.

If the Eco is to add some bacteria to the substrate you can mix some in with the MGOP. If you read the forums you'll notice more problems with gravel over Dirt than Sand over dirt as a Cap. I believe the 'seal' formed by the sand cap allows for decomposition of the organs and contains them in the substrate when they can be used by the roots. But, that is merely my opinion and someone will be along shortly that feel other wise.
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