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Originally Posted by Diana View Post
Could I add a 'definite maybe'?

Some things will breathe air, but not water. Some things will weep water slowly.

Another problem:
Would you be digging this into the ground? A soft material will sag, and spill water. Even the pre-formed heavy plastic ponds are not intended for above ground use. If you are digging this in, compare the price of pond liner.

For above ground use a better option would be a stock water tank. Tractor supply is one good source, and I have looked at fish-safe materials for roughly $1 per gallon. Some are relatively shallow, large diameter, others are too deep for the surface area if I was thinking about fish and water plants.

Another option would be a child's wading pool. Wrong season, now, but they show up in stores here in early spring.
Thank you Diana. Yes, this is above ground, for my balcony actually. I liked the looks of that just because it holds 200gallons for that price, but yea what you say makes sense.
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