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Brooklyn Aquarium Society 10/12

I'm going to this. I don't actually need anything, but at the last Big Auction they had repashy and Yourfishstuff vendors and I stocked up on food. Cheap. Besides, I'll be downtown that evening anyway, so I might as well.

Of course if you want to take bets that I come home with something that swims or scuttles, I can't blame you.

I'm no acitydweller, but I figured I'd see if anyone was interested and then, if so, if they want to swap anything. I have work earlier that day, so I probably won't be bringing livestock, but I can do plants.I'm taking off that day, so let me know if you want;

Baby albino bristlenose plecos,
H. formosa fry (I don't have a jillion anymore, but I can spare a few)
Assassin snails
Other snails, the kind that breed out of control if you let them
Java moss
Java fernlets
Various floaters
I have other plants but I either forgot or never knew what they were called, one of these days I should have one of you plant experts over to ID them for me.

I forgot to mention that these auctions usually have awesome deals on tanks. Savvy buyers are used to paying a dollar a gallon on craigslist or Petco, but I've seen tanks with wooden stands and hoods go for less than that at these auctions.

For the sake of full disclosure, it is a trek to get there. There is free parking though, for those of you who drive.
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