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I am so happy they made a reptile/amphibian section!!! so excited to see everyone's set ups!! I used to have two turtles. a RES and a mississippi map. I loved them dearly. Some day I will get another one. Your basking area idea is awesome!! And i agree w/ the person who asked to see pics of the basking area, I'd like to see them too

I tried to keep plants with mine but since you have to use such large rocks and the turtles aren't very gentle, I couldn't get them to root. They just floated. I wasn't very experienced then, I only knew about turtles. I think it could be done if you planted the plant in a tub and then surrounded it with the rocks. You would just have to make sure the plant isn't toxic to the turtle and you'd have to be ok with the fact that it was going to eat it. I'd love to see it done! It will be years and years before i'll be able to do anything like that.
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