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Originally Posted by @marko@ View Post
i wonder if anyone has ever been able to raise a spawn with the parents in the same tank if its heavily planted. or if the CPDs are that ferocious in their eating of eggs and fry.
I once tried it with 1m and 1f in a 5.5gal tank filled with java moss, I boiled a IAL for about 2h until the water was reduced to 1 cup. Let it cool down, pour it in the tank. I fed microworms right away, they went crazy. Turned off the lights for 3 days, first day lights back on I couldn't see a fry, but the next day I could see 7-8 swimming. Started feeding microworms right away.

After all, I still have 1 fry that survived with the parents. When the fry is about 10 days old, it seems like the parents don't bother eating them anymore.

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