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I'm getting excited about this! I went to a planted tank seminar last night at my LFS, so while I was there, I did some shopping!

I picked up some flourite which I will use as a base and top with some gravel (I like the riverbed look). I picked up some new plants, although now I can't remember the name of two of them, but the third is some bacopa. I got 5 oto's, 3 more amano shrimp, and in the excitement of it all, I stupidly changed my order for 6 emerald eye rasboras to 6 neon tetras. Oops, I realized when I got home why I had rasboras on my list, the neons will eat my cherries. But I also picked up a new 29gal kit which I will now get up and running sooner then I had planned! And a 5.5gal tank that I will use as a temporary tank for the tetras as soon as I'm done rebuilding this 10gal.

So because of putting the tetras in, I decided to put in the new plants as well to give my shrimp some cover. I was going to keep them separate in quarantine, but oh well, I'll be cleaning all the plants anyways.

And you know what? I'm so much happier with my tank already! A little extra green (in the way of plants and not algae this time!) and some new life and wow.

I literally just plunked the new plants in with the weights and everything, so this is not scaped, and I also threw in a pvc pipe I had for a shrimp cave. But even still, better then before!

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