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My attempt at a 90gal Tall Riparium

I've had an Oscar named King Bubba for about 2 years now. He is a greatly fish, but has desperately outgrown his current 20 gallon long tank. I spotted a 90 gallon tank on sale from CL, and for $90 bucks with stand, I had to check it out. Its a custom made tank, and a bit of a funky size, taller than it is deep, measuring about 4ft wide x 1 ft deep, x 3.5 ft tall. Despite a couple chips on the outside of the tank (no worries tho, each pane is about .95" thick), I got him to drop the price to $70 and I went home with a new beast.

The tank weighs a ton. Just the tank itself has got to be on the heavy side (prob 190lbs - the glass is just soo thick), so after bringing it home and really seeing its size, I began to worry that it would fall through my floor (or bow, crack and leak all over the place). I am on the 6th floor, so reinforcing the floor was a no-go, and I was never able to make it to the city to look at the building plans. So it sat there, empty, for about 4 months while I figured out what to do with it.

Lucky me I stumbled upon Hydrophyte's blog and fell in love. So I decided to fill the tank about half way and turn it into a riparium.

Since I live in Miami by the bay, my air is already pretty humid, averaging at around 80-90% throughout the year. With the ac on, the humidity inside drops to about 60-70% (I'm literally two buildings from the ocean, so its pretty muggy almost always.) With all that in mind, I was thinking of building a low/mid humidity system, open topped, with a higher than average water level to take advantage of the height of the tank and give the oscar (and occasionally his food) some extra room to move around.

As of last night, the tank is scaped, and I received my filter (Fluval u4) and my heater earlier this week and those are in the tank but not running. Today, I get the hose attachment for the sink (yeah, Im not gonna bucket that thing) so I will fill it and start the cycle. I am going to order 'the' stuff from Devin (hydrophyte) today so that hopefully I can be done by the end of the year. lol. The tank is hardscaped because my Oscar hates everything.

I have a pink flamingo Lilly (anthurium) bunch that I was considering using as a centerpiece plant, and I was going to look for aluminum and friendship plants (pileas) for the foreground because I love them, and i think its another pilea strain called baby toes or something that I would also love to use. I have other than that NO IDEA what else to use as background plants. Suggestions please??!?!

This is the tank before I put anything in it. The water level will be a little higher than this in the end, going to about halfway up the tank. (yes my heater is tiny, but this is Miami. Its 86 degrees outside and its October 4th)

What i need is:
-plant suggestions
-light suggestions (I cant afford a new fixture right now, but is there any specific bulb anyone would recommend
-any pro tips you can share because I'm completely new to this live plants in my tank business. Especially the fertilization of the plants. Will one Large Oscar produce enough "waste" to "feed" the plants or will I have to treat them? is it harmful to the fish?

Thanks!!! Progress shots to come. (Im also new at this forum thing, so please forgive me if I did this all wrong)
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