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Originally Posted by VivaDaWolf View Post
No uvb lighting?
Yep , they have a Herpetoculture lamp above the homemade basking area which produces UVA & UVB rays.

Originally Posted by Acro View Post
I've got 2 turtles, one male Mississippi Map and one female Northern Red Belly Cooter. Their setup is simple now (I just moved) but I am upgrading their tank and I am going to set it up "pond style" with riparium planters, maybe some floaters (if I can find a floating plant they wont eat!) and maybe some plants in other baskets.

I have pictures of my turtles (and other stuff I've been wanting to post) but I don't know how to put up pictures here. I've asked in this link: Posting Pictures? so if you know, please explain.
Good luck finding a plant they wont eat ! Mine even try to eat plastic plants :-)
To upload pictures, try using photobucket. Upload pictures to there and copy and paste the picture to the forum.

Originally Posted by Soothing Shrimp View Post
Several years ago I found a large red ear on the road and stopped my car to get him so he wouldn't get squashed. Kept him for about a year, and then released him into a stocked pond on the college property. He was around 16"
That was a big girl by the sounds of it ! Good for you, i wonder if she is still living the dream in that pond ?

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