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Did you have any luck?

I breed CPD as well, but I've never had any luck moving the parents back and forth. I have a 20g long with about 12 adults, a thin gravel substrate some driftwood and a big ball of java moss. I also have a bare bottom 5.5 gallon with a sponge filter and another big ball of java moss. The only way I've gotten fry so far is by swapping the moss between tanks, and waiting about 3-5 days before fry appear.

I feed my adults Micro, Walter and Bannana worms and they like all 3, I'll also occasionally give them frozen blood worms. There main diet is golden orbs which they seem to really like. I tried the micro pellets but I thought they were to big for CPD.

Anyways, let me not if you got any fry and how you did it!
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