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Originally Posted by kiera View Post
I probably should have mentioned that I'm doing a dry start--once I get things going I'll probably have to do a shortened photoperiod or change my bulb/distance from substrate to avoid creating an algae farm. I also live in a garden level apartment (read: basement) that gets hardly any ambient light because I keep my curtains closed all day.

I'm gonna try to relax. I've got some tap water in a clean glass that I'll test in a day or two, and then I'll panic about parameters after I've flooded and cycled. (I'm doing a fishless cycle.)

This info has been very helpful.

Bluek24a4: Which parameters specifically? I only have my water report and the basic freshwater test kit, but I'm thinking of ordering some of the more exotic kits because I like spreadsheets and tracking things and titrating. And stuff.
You have nothing to freak out about. The mistake I see people make on this forum is asking these questions after the tank is filled and has live stock in it. You didn't make that mistake. DSM offers you all the time you need to hammer out all these details.

I keep track of all my parameters for each of my three tanks in their own Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. I think its a great idea to do so.

As stated by Monster and pejerry, you should have test kits for the following: pH, GH, KH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and a TDS meter is helpful especially since they can be had for around $10. I went a little overboard and got those test kits, as well as Phosphate, Copper, and Calcium.

So what we need to know now is what are you looking to keep in this tank?
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