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Originally Posted by HighDesert View Post
I LOVE turtles! I have a motley crew of seven RES, two YBS, two African sidenecks, one red-cheek scorpion mud, one weird mud turtle with a cracked and healed shell my parents found on the road (they're not native here, so someone probably dumped her in the wetlands near their house), and my sweet Malaysian box turtle. We also have three boxies -- one Eastern and two Western. I had a sulcata, but my parents took him in because of the covenants in the idiotic neighborhood my husband and I moved to, and they also took my Russian tortoises and elongated tortoise. I LOVE your musk turtle! He's adorable! I specialized in chelonians when I worked in vet med. I miss seeing all of the wonderful (and unfortunately ill or injured) tortoises and turtles that would come through.
Wow thats a lot of Turts ! The neigbourhood wont allow
turtles ?

Originally Posted by JunJunJenn View Post
They don't eat or uproot plants?
Yep i feed them my plant trimmings from time to time, but the ones in the tank are all plastic ...... Hobby Lobby specials ;-)

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