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Originally Posted by Hayden View Post
My GLA Co2 System arrived today!! Thanks Finzz!

Ok I understand, and I do anticipate that. Each stone is at least partially buried, allowing me the option of raising them as my carpet progresses, hopefully.

I agree with you, however it seems like a minuscule issue at this point, as I hope to be flooding as soon as I can get plants. Don't get me wrong I'm sure it makes a difference, but not one that would justify the money/time it would take.

Thanks! Your tank is another I'm very familiar with
I'm flattered! I still think you'd enjoy a top dressing (3L bag is fine for your tank) of powder type more than you's well worth the investment. I have a 9L bag just for top dressing in my 20L and for setting up my Mini. Worth every penny!

As far as the red coloring, given that your tank is so short I would suggest using some H. tenellum 'micro'. I gets a very nice shade of red to it when provided with high light and will give the tank a little bit of height. Stems would just look weird in this tank imo since it's so shallow. You'd have to do good maintenance on them to keep them in form in such a short tank but it wouldn't provide the effect it would in a taller tank.
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