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Every dawn brings a new day, Frank.....just like how this next set of pictures is from Day 2, one day after the move and initial set up....or "September 25th, 2012". Nice segue, right?

Though still a bit hazy, the tank did a great job of clearing up overnight, as you would expect. The MTS's don't seem to be a fan of the substrate yet, but I would imagine that as time goes on, and the substrate comes a bit more mixed together (whether I want it to or not), they retreat back under. Kinda stinks that they are running around on top of the substrate, but that's life.

As I had indicated in my last Journal, I did end up keeping my slow growing stems, such as the Ludwigia alata, Amnannia latifolia, and some Alternanthera sp. "Variegated." These stems are out in the open, and NOT in their "final" placement. Likely won't be for a little while yet. I know that they look a little out of place growing up in the middle of the tank, but they'll be moved.

I also kept a bunch of faster growing stems, mostly floaters and hygros, to help with excessive nutrient loads. My last tank became algae ridden for a good two months simply because I "under-plated" the set up. Eventually the hygros will go as well as the RRF. I will keep the Hygroriza aristata as it is a bit more "authentic" to the theme of the tank.

I also kept a stem of Nesaea crassicaulis to give me a good indication of the water conditions. looks strange just sitting there out in the middle of the scape....but it's serving a good purpose right now. That, too, will be "offed" once I'm a little more certain of the conditions of the scape and that the tank has settled and matured.

Will have another set of pictures tomorrow!

Left can see the haziness still, but you are also looking through four feet of water, too:

From the left side, looking "into" the tank, you can see that it is clearing up fairly well:

Left Oblique:

Same angle, just zoomed out so you can see the stand and lighting. Again, it is about 28" from the bulbs to the water's surface. It's quite nice to be able to include the stand now, and not be embarrassed by the warping or bubbling:

Front shot, head on:

A bit further out:

All the way zoomed out to view the full set up:

Right oblique shot:

Shot of the right Front side of the tank...I added Thread-leaved Java fern that day:

....and some Orange shrimp too:

One of my favorite shots! I had no idea that I had so much bullosa "Bario" until I had to dig it up! I separated it into all of this.....I have about 7 separate plants growing nicely. From left to right on the substrate in this's all bullosa "Bario"!

More pics tomorrow! Thanks for looking!
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