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My GLA Co2 System arrived today!! Thanks Finzz!
I mean you have several smaller stones blocked from view by the larger stones. The small ones will be completely hidden once your plants grow in - even short ones.
Ok I understand, and I do anticipate that. Each stone is at least partially buried, allowing me the option of raising them as my carpet progresses, hopefully.
you should get some powdered aquasoil. it totally changes the whole aesthetic of a scape and makes everything look so much cleaner. it looks great so far though

*and IME it holds plants better
I agree with you, however it seems like a minuscule issue at this point, as I hope to be flooding as soon as I can get plants. Don't get me wrong I'm sure it makes a difference, but not one that would justify the money/time it would take.
I hope your tank turns out as well as you envisioned it and that you took a wealth of knowledge away from Khoa's setup that you used as inspiration. I'm looking forward to seeing this develop. The stones look great!
Thanks! Your tank is another I'm very familiar with
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