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If you are the kind of person who likes to move things around a lot, just put foam/dirt/sand in 2"-3" deep x 3"-4" wide clay pots that have had your sand glued to the outsides so they look the same as your sand in the pots. They will blend in well. Plant faster growing/hardier plants in the regular (same colored as sand also) gravel (no dirt) around the outside of the pots to help with blending them into your landscape.

I use the lower flat pots 2"high x 4"wide round, and layer 1/4" foam(keeps dirt in pots) into bottom of each pot soaked with general liquid ferts, put in dirt, plant, and cover dirt with sand. Then when I need to move them I just pick the whole thing up and it never harms the plant at all, they just keep growing in other tanks when moved.

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