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Dave Allen
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And the big reveal:

I added a tiny, little java fern remnant that I discovered in the tank breakdown. Small, but I'm curious to see if I can bring it back.

The filter is Red Sea nano HOB. It's already seeded from the last build. The CO2 is DIY paintball. I have an Aquatek for the larger tank, which freed this system up. One thing to point out to anyone thinking about DIY CO2, I had my first paintball tank failure while setting this up. The pin in the tank got stuck on and blew out the remaining gas in a very cold and very strong gust. No damage, but it gave me second thoughts about hooking up another tank (which I did, of course). The CO2 is currently dialed down to 1 bubble every two seconds, and the drop checker is reading green.

And here is the Hydrocotyle in the back and a closeup of my fuzzy anubias:

That's where I am for now. I'm not married to the scape and I may swap the positions of the fern and anubias. Also, I'll probably need to add some more plant biomass to suck up some of those nutrients before the algae gets out of control. That can wait until tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear peoples opinions.

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