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Dave Allen
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Planting time. Right now, I'm just using some odds and end that I have handy. Here is the initial planting:

Both the anubias and java moss came from the mess that used to be this tank. The moss was tied on with black thread, and the anubias was wedged between the two pieces of wood. I have no idea of what species of anubias this is, but if someone can ID it let me know!

I also have some emersed Hydrocotyle sp. Japan that has been growing like crazy in the 60-P, so some of that is planted in the back. It's too short to see at present.

Now it's time to fill! In the past, I'd just pour the water over my hand or into a bowl. Since I didn't want a sandstorm in the tank, I tried out the paper/plastic wrap method. I've seen some of the UK aquascapers do this, especially when planting HC, so what the heck!

As predicted, I've already sullied my perfect, white sand. Oh well, I guess I can live with it. . .

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