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Dave Allen
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Next up is the substrate. A mix of Amazonia regular and powder.

After the cost of shipping this stuff to the East Coast, I hate to see it all get used up. But just like I know in my heart that an expensive bottle of whiskey wants to be drunk, I know that the dirt wants to get planted. Since I plan on capping with cosmetic sand, I opted for a mix of the two grades of Amazonia (to help conserve for future projects of course).

I forgot to take a picture of just the cap, but here's a two-for-one with the sand and woodwork.

The sand is Caribsea Super Naturals Moonlight Sand. I love the look of the white, and its unlike any substrate I've used yet, but I know there is no way its going to stay so pure-looking with the Amazonia foundation.

The wood is a pair of Petsmart mopani pieces that I've been soaking/boiling for the past week. Luckily I've been given my own "aquarium only" pots from the missus so that I no longer have to use the cooking pots for aqua fun time!
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