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So I had a hiccup with the new bulbs already. After only 2hrs, my temps went up from about 72-74 (which have been stable forever) to 78-79. Yikes! But now I know the mini cfl's will fit, so after a little searching, I found 9w Daylight cfl's at Home Depot. The closest one to me isn't hugely convenient, so I didn't go there earlier. But I left hubby to put the kids to bed, drove over and was able to pick some up. Hopefully with the lower wattage will come lower heat output. I returned the 13w ones, so its not a big deal if they're not any better. Again, the box doesn't specify 5000k or 6500k, but they seem good and bright, and I like the light quality better then the yellow bulbs I had before.

Here is the box, they were about $10 for a pair. Good deal!

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