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My photoperiod was around 12hrs/day. Its been much less lately as I've half heartedly been trying to cope with the algae, and we were away and it was off for 5 days. Right now I'm keeping it around 4-6hrs (I have a timer I need to dig out!).

And another huge contributor I'm sure was overfeeding. I've never been good at estimating how much to feed, and with my stock numbers changing (and reducing), I was getting it wrong, even when I thought I was doing better. I've asked a couple questions in the shrimp forum, and am totally changing the way I feed, drastically reducing it. I hope that too will help a recurrence once I get the tank cleaned out!

.Mko. Yay! I love seeing neighbours! I know sometimes being north of the border there is a difference in what we can/cannot do and stock/shipping/availability options. So its nice to have others who might have advice/suggestions!
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