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Another update!
More donations from the awesome NY'ers of PT.
Many thanks to Joraan for some of his cool custom substrate that I can't wait to try out.

And from aokashi,

who also dropped off some colored pencils and a sketchbook that she had lying around. They are already much loved as you can see here. You like those rainbow fish?

MeowKitty49 was kind enough to pick up plants from szenic and share!

And also donated from her own tank piles of S.subulata, some gorgeous blyxa among other great things. Thanks ladies <3

Ran by ryu1 in Queens who had a pretty package for me of java needle leaves and really pretty stems, thanks so much for your patience that day!

And here's my plan for the tank. It needs to be viewable from three sides and will mostly rely on natural light though I plan on adding a zoomed lamp stand w/ a shop light so no one has to squint. This is the spot.

Heartnet group-ordered a poret sponge so I will be making a Hamburg Mattenfilter, using a modified AC30. Biggest pre-filter ever. The MTS was finished yesterday and is a mix of topsoil, red clay, coir, greensand, peat, and worm castings, and fancy ADA additives, which are also from Heartnet. I'll be dumping mulm into it too. It will be topped with a mixture of all the substrates I've been given thus far, mixed with lavarock toward the top.

The HOB filter and poret sponge will house riparium plants that should help diffuse the natural light. It'll be what I have on hand (anthurium, pothos, etc) plus what non-toxics I can order from hydrophyte, budget allowing. So probably this week, after the meetup on Weds, I'm going to haul the tank up four flights and start building. It'll be interesting, and my first documented set-up. Wish me luck

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