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Tinkerpuppets 10gal do-over

I have this little 10gal tank that I started in Mar 2010. Its gone through some changes, I've been really happy with it at times, but then the plants got out of control (java moss and anubias bartari), so I got rid of those, my fish all died off, and I just fell out of love with it. Its got a hair algae problem, green dust algae problem, I added new driftwood a few months ago and I can't get rid of the tannins (I soaked/boiled it for weeks before adding it), my shrimp won't breed and it just looks barren and unloved.

After some encouragement here, I've decided instead of tearing it down, I will redo it. This journal is to document the steps I take and upgrades I make.

So here it is in its sad before pic. My plan is to:
- upgrade the lighting (while still keeping it lowtech)
- take out all livestock and give everything a deep clean
- refresh substrate. Clean sand? Replace with something new?
- add some livestock that will help with algae and interest(need to move tetras to different tank, add rasboras like original plan!)
- add new plants
- new feeding schedule to hopefully take care of overfeeding which has lead to algae and an overabundance of snails
- replace old background

Lots to do, but thanks to some great advice and links from the community here, I think I have a good plan and it shouldn't be to hard or expensive. Wish me luck!

10 gal
Marina Slim10 filter
Tetra 50w heater
sand substrate
no ferts

anubias bartari clippings
dwarf saggitarius

7-10 cherry shrimp
1 amano shrimp
way too many malaysian trumpet snails
dozenish assassin snails who have no interest in the mts

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