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I live in the area too and usually go to The Ark, although I agree that the employees there aren't exactly awesome. Still, they have nearly anything you could want as far as fish go.

But - I recently bought some endlers there, which I believe may have brought home an infestation of anchorworms or similar to my tank, eventually after a month of failed treatment killing my new endlers and my betta Irving and leaving my tank looking very lonely with just two dwarf frogs. If not from their store I'm not sure where the infection came from.

Still, I went back and bought a zebra nerite snail for my cherry shrimp tank recently, which they've just started to carry. I looked at the endler tank and none of their fish had them. So maybe it came from somewhere else.

Anyway, still a good store - I've never personally seen a dead fish in any of their tanks, which are spotlessly clean all the time, even feeder tanks. And it's the only place around that sells java moss, nerite snails, or algae-eating shrimp - all planted tank necessities. Although for most other plants the Petsmart down the street is a lot cheaper.
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