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Edge: dry start, dirt substrate, no ferts

This is a Fluval Edge I have planted with crypts and anubias. It has a lone gourami and olive nerite inhabiting it.

I used an organic potting mix substrate and capped it with Black Diamond blasting sand. It has a piece of manzanita and some larger creek pebbles for decoration.

I let the crypts and anubias take root for about 1-2 months (got them at different times) before filing the tank. I used the hybrid dry start method, doing frequent 50% water changes and dosing excel before tapering off to very infrequent water changes and no excel.

Lighting is simple LED upgrades over the stock fluval lighting. See tank profile for specs.

These pictures are from late July, and the tank has been running very stable. Crystal clear, with no algea. The wendtii needs a prune soon, but otherwise it has been slow-growth, low maintenance. Also, some mold grows a bit off the manzanita, but is easily vacuumed off when I change water. I'm hoping that just goes away after a while.

I figured this should qualify as low tech. This is my second tank, and the first I felt comfortable actually sharing pictures of. I welcome any feedback.

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