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Originally Posted by philemon716 View Post
I used to run a yo-yo shop for about 4 years before selling my stake in it!

I have a question regarding filters...I unplugged my filter, cleaned it out, plugged it back in...but no flow. What gives? The thing is on as it spewed out little bits of garbage, but there is no flow.
It might take a bit to get running again, I usually take a cup and pour some tank water into the flow box (assuming this is a hob) to get the suction going.

MrB, I missed out on the last BAS auction, never went before but I think I probably have work next Fri. I asked for the Sat next off because of NY Comic con : )

Monster, gave my first shot at plants this summer. Cue lots of things dying because plants are weird and I have no idea how to care for them. Ive got a rosemary bush still kickin' tho. I made a weird modgepodge of plants for my gecko tank recently, many are wilty because of compatibility issues but, eh. I love the spiky dracaena thing..its dying though, maybe I should take it out to salvage it.

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