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So iv been thinking... The 75 I plan on re-do ing is actually quite old and less than crystal clear. There are a few scratches and some hazy-ness on the front and sides. So:. Moving forward I think I'll push back the revamp until maybe Christmas or so when I can save up for a nice looking tank.. Any suggestions? I'm really in love with the ADA "trimless" but I don't think I can get a 75ish tank in America or at all from ADA. Aside from that and a few other rimless options I think I'll be going with a 90 gallon black from marineland with stand for something like $699 if I remember right. Ahah! I did remember correctly..

One more thing I wanted to ask about is.. Heating
Should I consider a under gravel or under tank heater to promote good water flow and bacteria growth in the substrate, as well as promote healthy root growth? I really would like to leave the tank up for awhile without a substrate overhaul.. but idk if 5 years is really the goal here. Thanks again for all the advice love all the tanks and people here ^.^ hope to hear from you guys soon!!

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