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Originally Posted by chrislewistx View Post
Your tanks are beautiful. I stumbled across this journal the other day, but just now had time to read it. The 12 gallon long really turned out great. You should be very proud. Those DIY acrylic hangers, and the spray bar are excellent.

Also, I love those Tigers, good decision on your part. Have you had a chance to do anything with your little homemade tank you showed in post 110?

I guess I will continue to avoid work, and see if you have any other tank journals to read.
Thank you! I don't have any other journals at the moment, but I may start a few when I begin working on my other tanks. My 11.4G is almost done with a rescape and planting. The Finnex 4G will be turned into a small breeding/ fry rearing tank with an actual scape (we'll see how that actually turns out). There have been minor changes to the 20G. And the mini tank on the shelf under the 12G is currently in the planning stage as I've yet to figure out what to make of it.
As more worthwhile developments occur, I'll be sure to post pics in this thread.

T a m y
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