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Originally Posted by Brian_Cali77 View Post
You know i was exactly in your shoes too not too long ago. To save money i bought the Aquatek paintball regulator.. They used to be around $100, but they've dropped the price to $80 + free shipping (don't know for how long though) through their Ebay store. It comes with an electronic solenoid, co2 resistant tubing, a drop checker with integrated check valve. I bought the 20oz co2 cylinders for about 25 bucks. I found the same cylinders on Amazon for 17 bucks empty though. However, after calling around a bit, i decided to pay the higher price at a local paintball store because they offer 5 free refills if i bought the cylinder from them. At $5 a refill, the cylinders come out free! The only other thing i bought was the UP-Aqua glass diffuser on ebay new for $9 shipped.

So the co2 setup can run you (drum roll please...): roughly $114! Not bad IMO..
Wow very helpful info! I'll look into this setup with my tank too. Thx!

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