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They look sweet. My two dogs are just getting along together now. She came from a friend who didnt want her anymore after she outgrew being a puppy and the greyhound came from a household where they wanted a puppy and sort of lost interest. it was chained daily when the family was out of the house. They couldnt be any more happier now. The Greyhound is an unfixed purebreed originally from South Dakota. he's only been with me for about three weeks. The Peke is also an akc purebreed from west virginia, if memory serves. she's been spoiled by me for the last 9 years. I love them to bits.

The old girl is picking up "doggy" habits more and more. she's learned how to growl to mark her territory, and also barks at strangers, which she never did for the past decade or so. i guess i can live with that since she been so good these past years. LOL...

The vet said Sam is very oversized for an italian grey and added that being unfixed has a lot to his growth due to the hormones as such.

I must say you take amazing photos. i am limited to my camera phone at the moment so its probably as good as it gets for now.

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